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NEW PRODUCT! +2 Magazine End Cap
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This extended cap allows adding 2 rounds of capacity to your MOA Precision 12ga Magazine extension by simply replacing the factory cap (and spring if necessary). Knurled for easy removal. Used in conjunction with a +4 extension, you can shoot Limited/ Factory (8+1 capacity) with your standard cap, and then add 2 rounds of capacity to shoot TacOps/ Practical. OR, for even MORE flexibility, choose a +6 tube for a capacity of 10+1, use your factory bird plug to reduce to 8+1 for Factory (using the SAME spring!), and add the +2 cap for 12+1 capacity in matches where the ability to top-up with quads is an advantage. Then, put the standard cap back on to fit in your case without the bulk of a 12rd tube! Available with or without an extra magazine spring. NOTES: If your magazine spring sticks out 14" or more from your standard tube, you can reuse your spring in 99% of cases. If your free length is less than 14" longer than your existing magazine, buy the kit with the spring and cut to length (Instructions included)