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MOA Precision 5.56 NATO Barrel and Brake
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MOA Precision AR-15 Chrome-Moly Barrel and Brake 5.56 NATO 1x9 Twist
16.5" OAL
Manganese Phosphate finish


The flagship of the Decimator muzzle brake line is the integrated model. The brake is machined into an HBAR contoured blank, and line-bored with a floating pilot reamer to ensure perfect alignment with the bore centerline. Effective barrel length is reduced to approximately 14.5 inches, which is ideal for the carbine length gas system.

The barrel is then aggressively ported with an expansion chamber and five baffles for recoil reduction. After threading the outside of the barrel, a sleeve is installed, which has 6 helical slots. These slots redirect the gas escaping from the ports to effectively reduce flash. An angled port at the near end of each slot taps gas from the first baffle of the compensator to push the blast away from the shooter, reducing concussion. The result is noticeably less blast and flash than a typical multi-port compensator, with better recoil control than any flash suppressor. By machining the brake directly into the barrel, the minimum 16 inch legal length is maintained, without the added length of threading a brake on the end of the barrel. Removal of the sleeve allows access to gas block and hanguard, unlike pinned-and-welded brakes. Overall brake dimensions meet the maximum 1in dia. by 3in length limit imposed by most practical shooting competition governing bodies.


4140 CM steel, Manganese Phosphate coated
Med-heavy contour.
Match crown
5.56 Nato chamber
Carbine length gas system

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